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Professor David Stevenson

International Historian

Background and Expertise

Awarded a First-Class Honours Degree from Cambridge, followed by a PHD for thesis in history entitled: 'French War Aims against Germany, 1914-1918'. He has taught in both Cambridge and the London School of Economics and Political Science, London University.

Since October 2011 he has been the Stevenson Professor of International History, London School of Economics.

He is also a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and a Fellow of the Historical Association, a PhD External Examiner, External Examiner,

President of the Central London Branch of the Historical Association, and Hon. Secretary of the Herts & Essex Architectural Society.

David's area of expertise includes the First World War and 20th Century History.

He is a conference and literary festival speaker, conference organizer, author, editor, reviewer with considerable TV and Radio experience.

Watch David Stevenson

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Why 'Backs to the Wall'? Answer to a question at the Pritzker Military Library, Chicago, September 2011

Fritt Ord weekend seminar on the First World War, Literturhuset, Oslo, 8-9 March 2014 Two of the three talks:

The Politics of War, 1914 - 1918:

From War to Peace? 1918-1924:

Promo for the The Pity of War debate:

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Military History of the First World War: An Overview and Analysis at the Museum of London